Hernando Vajra

Astronomer (i.e. gunnery officer), INS Fridtjof Nansen
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A precociously cynical young mink
Sublieutenant Hernando Vajra (Imperial Navy)
The Imperial school system, IDJ
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• A dedicated young naval officer and typical “mink”, Vajra has no experience of the Empire's opponents or dissenters being brave, steadfast, loyal, or devoted. He thinks he has an easy answer to Brohn's perplexity: cynicism. Taking a jaded view of all non-Imperials and their motives, he expects the worst of people at large, and assesses claims of virtue in non-Imperials as dissimulation.
• Off duty Vajra is laid-back and affable. Energetic rather than competitive, he enjoys fives but prefers dancing and working out to chess, bridge, or Go, and practises jiu-jutsu more as a workout than a competition. This can make him seem obsessed with his appearance. He's open to new things but will distrust non-Imperials bearing gifts.
• Perhaps 1 or 2 on the Kinsey scale, Vajra is technically bisexual but prefers women. He's had continual success playing the field since late high school, but never yet a love affair or steady relationship.
• Vajra, then known as “Ferdinand St. Vincent", was born in a reconditioned Mayflowerite orbital habitat in Chi Draconis in 504 PDT; his forebears having been Eichberger Foundation (of various origins) since before the Formation Wars. He was raised in Imperial boarding schools from the age of six, with a semester as an exchange student on Iter when he was a high school junior (520). In 522 he volunteered for the Imperial Service, as all decent people do, and was accepted into the Naval Academy, whereupon he changed his name to the more dashing “Hernando Vajra”. He spent 524 on New Rome on a junior exchange. Graduating in 525 he was commissioned midshipman and did a ’prentice cruise in the space supremacy vessel INS Thunderchild, saw action in the civil war on Alhurr, and was promoted sublieutenant in late 526.
• Aware that it was high ambition, Vajra was hoping for promotion to lieutenant at the end of his tour on the Thunderchild, and was slightly disappointed to be posted to INS Fridtjof Nansen without an advance of grade. He reckons that he will need an efficiency rating in the top 30% of the subs' list to make lieutenant at the end of a five-year tour here.
≈ Benjamin Bratt c. 1988–1990 (Rey Curtiss in Law & Order). 186 cm and well built, lean with gymnasium muscles. Tan skin, black wavy hair, dark eyes. Very handsome in an off-the-shelf sort of way.

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