"...the Sergeant."


At ease MacAdams.

As you may have noticed this is a small outfit and an oddball one at that. So I wanted to make sure we are on the same page when it comes to the chain of command. It's not really complicated when it comes to you and your section. They report to you, and you report to me.

Strickland is staff, not command, so she is not in your chain of command. She will be sitting on the war council so she may be the one briefing you however. I expect the two of you to work that out, and to work together.

I won't ask you to sit in on staff meetings unless things have gone so badly pear-shaped that Marine intervention is on the table. Even then all I expect from you is honest answers about what your section can and cannot accomplish.

I suspect that you know more about bossing Marines than I, so I will stay out of your hair and let you do so. I do however expect you to keep the edge on and have them ready if needed. Check with the XO to schedule mess times and time in the gym for your section.

We have a swarm of scientists with us. Try not to scare them too badly please. Now I expect some of them to try and co-opt your section to fetch and carry. Not your job. If they give you any trouble about it just send them to me. That said, if they make reasonable requests that you can meet without compromising your readiness, I would appreciate it if you could help when you can.

Any questions?