"...the Girl Scout."

"Hello Strickland.

"A Marine officer carried on the Survey roster. Bit of an unusual billet that. Makes you neither fish nor fowl in our small menagerie."

"So I wanted to be sure we are on the same page. It seems to me that you are my Intelligence staff officer, primarily but not exclusively military intelligence."

"So you will be working with the Survey group but working for me, and not under the Dean. You will be sitting on the war council. That being, at a minimum, you, me, the Dean, and the Ambassador. Are we clear on that?"

"Since you will be sitting in on the staff meetings I will expect you to keep MacAdams read in. However he will command his section and report to me. Your job is to help me decide what to do. His job is to go and do it. I need you to focus on data gathering and analysis."

"You can do traffic analysis and read intercepts. You can inhale all the Survey reports as they come in. You can put your boots on the ground for an up close and personal look. The details of your intel gathering I will leave to you. I am available to answer any questions you may have. Without holding it against you I might add."

"Any questions for me right now?"