Cleaver Thaine

Counsellor to the Ambassador
Elevator pitch
An odd fellow who seems an unlikely candidate for his posting, but somehow out of his apparently chaotic life he always garners success.
Cleaver Thaine, esquire
Ultima Thule
72 standard years
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Like a plumber with a leaky tap, Cleaver appears as though he is just holding his life together whilst working as the Ambassador's counsellor-at-law. Egotistical and fond of the occasional drink, one is not sure whether it's mostly charisma and luck that holds his career together, or some kind of oddball genius. Cleaver has an eidetic memory for legal procedure, and obscure trivia.
When on duty he seems relaxed, but it shows after a while he's fixating on every detail and processing it thoroughly before answering.
Off duty he enjoys a drink, and seems somewhat arrogant until you get to know him.
He likes to project himself as an Alpha male with an ability to impress women on first contact, although this tends not to be the case.
Whilst at university Cleaver won the inter-varsity sailing championships. He has never let anyone forget it.
Cleaver has been running a successful law firm for some 30 odd years After divorcing his wife Bloadax Thaine, he joined the Empire’s survey mission to get some space from her and to reinvigorate his life somewhat. Many of their friends sided with her due to his arrogance, and he felt the need to leave Ultima Thule.
He looks a little overweight and slow. However his pudginess does hide some muscle from his athletic junior years.

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