Kim Strickland

Intelligence Analyst
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The king of HUMINT
Lieutenant Kim Strickland (Imperial Marines)
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An intelligence officer with a flair for ethnological impersonation and a penchant for passing for a local in the finest tradition of the Great Game and the "Ethnographic Survey of India".
With a natural knack for fitting in any social group and an inexhaustible curiosity, Kim has sort of floated through life like a traveling anthropologist even before she was one.
She attended Baden Powell University on Seeonee at 17 and majored in Anthropology. Prior to her senior year she took a year long tour of four planets. She was fascinated but also saw a lot that was horrible (and a lot of that horror was fixable). Rather than return home she volunteered for Imperial Service.
She was assigned to Imperial Marines officer training at the Academy on Luna. Advanced standing for academic studies completed allowed her to graduate B.Mil. at 24. She posted to regiment as an ensign for one year and was confirmed as acting sublieutenant at 25. She spent the next four years posted to 7th Regimental HQ. Then she was assigned to Intelligence School. She's since had five years of boots-on-the-ground HUMINT experience before Staff College and posting to the INS Fritjof Nansen.
Skin the color of very milky coffee, brown eyes, 5'9", 140 lbs. Somehow average looking almost everywhere.

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