Bucky MacAdams

Brent “Bucky” MacAdams

Section Leader
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If there were an NCO shaped hole in the universe Bucky would spontaneously appear to fill it.
Sgt Brent "Bucky" MacAdams
Hell (Tau Ceti)
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Bucky's the kind of guy that never works harder than he needs to. He's a natural persuasive leader with a knack for finding the trick for every task. He's the kind of NCO that his Marines love because he looks out for them and smart officers love because he always gets the job done. Martinets and the overly motivated think he's lazy, which terminated his career in the Army of Hell. Soldiering was the only thing he was good at, so he volunteered for the Imperial Marines, where he fits like a glove.
Born in a nowhere town in the boonies on Hell in 475, he enlisted in Hell's Army as soon as he was old enough, and served in the tail end of the Formation Wars where he witnessed the effects of orbital bombardment. He was an infantryman, and later a supply chief. He retired and tried his hand at couple of jobs on Tau Ceti, realized he was a lot happier at soldiering so he volunteered for this new "Imperial Marines" outfit.
Bucky would have been in training in 507 and 508; sixteen weeks on Earth's Moon, sixteen weeks each on each of three foreign worlds with different gravities, sixteen weeks in free fall, at least five interstellar trips, three-day passes and two-week furloughs on alien worlds. Infantry school in 509 and assigned to the Regiment in reserve: whole thing together in one place at base, likely a couple of interventions. Riot school in 512. Five years in garrison on some planet with embassy-guarding, riot-control, hostage rescue, and anti-terrorist duties. Drop school in 517. Five years in MarDets on shipboard. Section Leader's Course in 522. Back into reserve. [Aviation School] in 527. Back to garrison on another planet. Sergeant's course in 532; assigned to Survey as a MarDet leader.
Sgt. MacAdams is a medium sized nondescript man with lightly tanned skin, sandy blond hair, and grey eyes. On his back he has a large impressive full color tattoo of a hovering succubus with curling ram's horns, raven's wings, and wearing combat armor with the helmet unbuttoned. She's armed with a gauss rifle and bears the legend "Hell's Legionnaire" and "3/32nd Inf."

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