... His Outstanding Officers

As the junior officers report to their new ship they are directed to the forward briefing room. There they find the captain along with the first officer and the chief engineer. The captain greets them as they present their credentials.

"Thank you Lt. Brohn. Welcome aboard. Please have a seat until everyone is here."

Over the next quarter-hour the six junior officers arrive and presentations and greetings are concluded.

Lowell: (moving to the front of the room)
"Right then, that's everyone. Keep your seats. I won't take too long and then I'll turn you over to your department heads."

"It is my sincere hope that this will be the most boring tour you have or ever will do. Since that would mean the ship never has problems, our civilian cohorts do their job flawlessly without help, and no incidents occur. The chances of that happening are about the same as that of the proverbial Hadean snowball."

(calls up the full ships roster)
"For the most part you get to be the taxi drivers for the Survey and Diplomatic folk. Our job is to help them do the work of surveying the people and planets and negotiating with the governments on the worlds we will be visiting. Which is not say that you have to jump to do anything they ask you to. With the exception of Surgeon-Lt. Monterrey here, your job is the care of the ship herself."

(calls up a schematic of the ship)
"May I present the Starship ‘Fridtjof Nansen’ , our home for the next few years. I would wager you have all looked at this already. I suspect Eichberger has it memorized by now. I am sure you know this , but I am going to remind you anyway (I'm the Captain, so I get to do that), schematics don't show everything. So do your best to get to know her layout in the little time we have."

(turns display off)