Professor Aphrodite Grimstone


Dean of Survey
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Adam Smith’s “doing good by doing well” meets the Calculating Princess.
Professor Aphrodite Grimstone
New Athens
61 standard years
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A lip-stick lesbian with a winning personality. Her hobby is teasing men before they realise she's gay. She's bright, and she knows it. Her self confidence lends an air of can-do to a room. She enjoys carousing and follows cricket (or equivalent sport) fanatically.
Part social scientist, part entrepreneurial scout. Enthusiastic, and absolutely convinced that everything will be fine once everyone is integrated into the into the Empire. Also has no qualms about personally benefiting from opportunities that may arise. Is looking at this voyage as a ‘look-see’ expedition, so she can retire and make her wealth exploiting art-based business opportunities. Due to her charisma she tends to attract little criticism of her desires. She has excellent social skills almost to the point of manipulation.
Aphrodite married too young, and after an amicable divorce she worked in her brothers art gallery to put herself through university. Ever since those difficult times she has valued money as well as valuing people.
Graduating magna cum laude, she was snapped up by the university. After completing her PhD on Comparative norms and sexuality on long term space travel, she gained tenure within the university’s psychology department. After just 12 brief years of teaching she became the departmental head.
She takes any excuse to travel, to purchase and peruse artworks for her brothers gallery, and to perhaps stumble upon 'Mrs. Right'.
Aphrodite is famous throughout her university for her unique good looks. It has even been rumoured that the student union is funding a support group for students who develop a crush on her.

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