Hansruedi Fleischer

Marines ‘Action‘ Team, scout
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Pvte Hansruedi Fleischer
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Former wildlands bounty-hunter turned Imperial Marines commando
He was raised by wealthy parents on Terranova, before being thrown out of the family for failing to live up to his fathers unrealistic business expectations. Having defied his parents he becoming a bounty hunter to make ends meet. After some extraordinary success chasing criminals across the frozen wastes of Terranova, his reputation preceded him to the point of being head-hunted for the Imperial marines. Unlike those recruited at age 18 Hansruedi entered the Imperial Marines initial training with some exceptional skills.
He is highly perceptive of his physical environment, and has a very hierarchical view of life. He suffers minor hyper-vigilance from his past missions, but that serves to give him an edge. He was seriously wounded on and medevacked from a previous mission that largely turned into a massacre.
Despite his modern kit-out, he still ensures his trusty shotgun is close to hand.
Slow to anger, but quick to act, Hansruedi is one cool character. Preferring the solstice of living alone, he does not relish the company of others, but has learned to tolerate communal living with the help of Imperial psychologists.
He tends to fanaticism of the law, perhaps because of his father‘s harshness, which Hansruedi has internalised as justified.
Hansruedi is most proud of his well kempt beard. He is 165cm and swarthy, with a slightly odd Terranovan accent that may sound South African to the players’ ear.

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