Tomiko Eichberger

Chief Engineer
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The heiress unsure of the legacy.
Lt-Cmdr. Tomiko Eichberger
Foundation Starships and Space Stations
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Great-grand-daughter of the most famous engineer ever. It runs in the family. But she's not at all certain about the direction her grandmother (Laura) took the political legacy, and found the politics uncomfortable. She's on a Survey mission to escape.
She was born in 472 on a starship, and has lived her whole life in space. From an early age she was naturally mechanical and developed into a talented engineer. When she was six both her parents were killed when their ship was destroyed. Alastair Lowell, a friend of the family and her godfather, was often a surrogate father for her. Like anybody raised in a totally artificial environment (and especially in the Foundation during the Formation Wars) she developed a keen appreciation for the fragility of life support and of human existence anywhere. Her lifetime of living on and working with starships combined with her natural gifts have given her an uncanny sense of a spacecrafts status and performance. Tomiko's partner of 31 years is Caroline Lowell and they have a daughter, Anastasia Eichberger (29) by ovum-ovum fusion and a son Nyoman Eichberger (12) (the Y chromosome was extracted from Tomitomo's archived genetic material). Caroline is Alastair's niece and something of the family black sheep having gone into academia rather than a Navy career, she's currently teaching Philosophy at the Regulus Academy. Anastasia is currently serving as a Navy Sub-lieutenant. Tomiko herself taught at the Academy (while on reserve service in the Navy) from 514-529.
Short, brown hair, green eyes (with a slight epithantic fold) tending toward plumpness within Navy physical requirements.

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