Kyth Haroldsson

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Boffin with a death wish
Dr. Kyth Haroldsson
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Social dynamist with outstanding background in social modelling. Loves weird things, weird societies more than anything else. Will obsess over discrepancies between social data and modelling results, worrying at them like a terrier until he finds an explanation for the difference. Inner conflict between his ability to understand and suggest things that would make society unambiguously better and his defeatism from never managing to get past proposals adopted, no matter how sensible.
Kyth is an utter pacifist, but not a pushover. Will stand still and look you in the eye while you stab him. There are religious (technically cultural, as he’s no longer a believer even though he follows 'the Law') reasons for this, but he doesn’t discuss them.
As soon as travel opened up again after the ToL, Kyth was sent by his not quite a cult church from his barely industrial colony of Covenant to Todos Santos to learn enough high tech social science to give his religion an edge. When he came back, his proposals to help the ReMastered Church displeased the church fathers (for the predictable reasons), and he made it to Imperial compound just ahead of the assassins.
Since then, he has traveled as a gunslinger dynamist and grown a carefully cultivated demeanor of a cheerfully philosophical cynic with an obsession for the weird. The Mink psychologist who vetted him for this mission knows better - Kyth seeks redemption. The Mink are cool with that.
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