ST 15 HP 30
DX 12
IQ 12 Will 16
HT 13

Combat Reflexes
Hazardous Duty (Empire)
Code of Honor (Marine)
Sense of Duty (Survival of Humanity)
High Pain Thresh
Hard to Kill +4
Charisma +1
Intolerance - Dishonorable Warriors
Intolerance - Crooked Politicians
Intolerance - Anyone with a weak will and a high station
Tattoo - Eagle Holding a Banner on Each Shoulder: 'SPQR' on Left Shoulder, 'SPQI' On Right
SOP: Always has as extra foamies
OPH(Quirk): Eats Garum, then critiques it to you, extensively, with garum breath

Shooting Stuff 15
Soldiering Stuff 15
Bot Wrangling 15
Throwing 14
Routine Ship Maintenance 11
Falling out of the sky onto folk who'd rather you didn't visit 13
Marine Martial Art 14
Living in Space Stuff (Free fall, vac suit etc.) 13
Scouty Stuff (Stealth, survival, etc.) 12
Bodyguard Stuff 14

Re-enactment Sport/Art/Expert Skill: Marian Legionary 13
History 12
Philosophy (Stoic) 14
Public Speaking 12
Marine Sports 12
Connoisseur: Garum 11